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UK must stop fuelling war by selling arms

ISRAEL has the right to defend itself against indiscriminate rocket attacks from Gaza, but not through disproportionate bombardments of densely-populated civilian areas.

Notwithstanding Israeli claims over the care and precision of its military operations, the rapidly mounting civilian death toll tells another story.

Israeli's intense shelling of the suburb of Shejaiya has been condemned by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon as an "atrocious act". Just as atrocious, two weeks ago in the same area the Al-Wafa Hospital came under heavy Israeli bombardment, forcing staff to evacuate the patients.

As you reported last week, the Al-Aqsa Hospital in Gaza has been shelled by Israeli tanks, with at least four killed and the wounded including doctors and other medical staff.

The UK government should not be complicit in these crimes. Last year the UK sold millions of pounds-worth of arms to Israel.

Readers can show their support for an arms embargo by taking action at We must not facilitate war crimes. The killing must end.


NI Programme Director

Amnesty International

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