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Ukip should get its facts straight on MP recall vote

IN reference to a letter from Jonny Lavery of Ukip (Write Back, October 30), clearly Mr Lavery did not listen the first time Naomi Long responded to his rabble-rousing comments.

All local MPs, with the exception of the SDLP, opposed Zac Goldsmith proposal to change the method to recall MPs. As Mr Lavery clearly did not comprehend Mrs Long's comments, I will lay them out again.

Mrs Long trusts her constituents to make the right decision about who should represent them in Parliament and supports the right to recall for an MP guilty of misconduct. However, the proposed amendments would have been open to abuse by single-issue campaigners, subverting the very notion of democracy.

She also supported other mechanisms for recall, which would improve accountability to the electorate, with the Government undertaking to review them and amend the Bill accordingly - points Mr Lavery would have known had he bothered to look at the facts.



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