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Ukip threat must be taken seriously

AT a time of economic uncertainty in the early 1930s, the German Right negotiated with, and shared power with, a populist rabble-rouser and his party, in the belief it could be tamed and controlled. They were wrong, as Europe and the world discovered to their cost.

We face a similar problem today and siren voices in the Conservative Party are even talking of electoral deals with Ukip. The threat Ukip poses to our liberal society needs to be exposed. Nigel Farage's aim is to dismantle the project that has fostered peace and harmony in Europe for 60 years. He must not be allowed to succeed.

It is past time that major party leaders took Ukip seriously (as only Clegg has so far), rather than ignoring it in the belief that if they continue with business as usual it will just fade away.

They think that Farage is eccentric and a bit of a joke. That is what the German intelligentsia thought about Adolf Hitler.


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