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UK's exit from Europe is far from 'catastrophic' and Ronan Lavery's claims do not stand up to scrutiny

letter of the day: brexit challenge

Ronan Lavery QC (Online, October 4) claims that the United Kingdom leaving the European Union would be "catastrophic" for the peace process. Would Mr Lavery be in possession of a much-acclaimed crystal ball? Because he seems to be able to see the future, while others can't.

Firstly, there isn't a peace process; there previously was a peace process, but now, as there is a local Assembly in Northern Ireland, with an official Opposition, then Northern Ireland is viewed as it should be: a normal society.

Secondly and fundamentally, the United Kingdom's economy, along with Northern Ireland's, is strong, added to the fact that a reduction in the £13bn that the country paid to the EU in 2015 will be reinvested to encourage foreign trade and business to remain, or to set up, in the United Kingdom, which, Mr Lavery should know, includes Northern Ireland.

Border controls between Northern and the Republic Ireland will be kept to a minimum, as they currently are regarding the movement of freight.

If Mr Lavery needs reminding of UK law, a free travel area between the UK and Ireland has been in place since 1923, and since the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland did not sign up to the 1990 Schengen Agreement, passports will not be required while crossing the land border between Northern and southern Ireland when the UK leaves the EU some time around May 2019.


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