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Ulster banks The Outlet as Tesco loses out

Maybe if the local traders and our politicians had allowed Tesco to go ahead with its new superstore beside it this would not be happening. It has backfired. Shame on them.


This retail outlet has been advertised to death across all forms of media since it opened, yet the general public has not supported it. At the same time, this outlet and others have helped destroy the in-town shopping that is needed for local communities. Maybe, at last, these massive out-of-town centres will stop being built as its now becoming increasing difficult to keep them going.


Robert067: As a Banbridge resident, I can assure you that, since the Outlet opened, the town-centre has not been destroyed. Pretty much every shop that was there in 2007 is still there (with the exception of Woolworths).

Baron Heinrich

Tesco, contrary to popular belief (and Goody2Shoos) is not the world's saviour. Having one near Outlet would not have helped it. Do you for one minute think that their superstore format is designed to help other retailers? The format is huge, the size of many regional shopping malls. They sell everything, from pharmaceuticals, opticians, white goods (fridges), brown goods (plasma TVs, laptops), furniture, coffee shop, books, music, jewellery, shoes, clothing. Oh and food. Once customers' wallets/purses have been vacuumed up in this store, how would it have helped the adjacent shops?


Tesco should have bought it and then Banbridge could have been renamed Tescobridge. Every little bit helps them. A Tesco monopoly allows them to tell suppliers, at literally a moment's notice, what they will pay them, or else they will source produce from another supplier. Great, isn't it? And all done on behalf of the shopper.

TJ McClean

Big business floundering? Oh, well. People will end up paying for it in taxes and at the bank. At least Tesco knows how to run a business.