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Ulster British people co-exist on this island

Seemingly unable to spot the glaring contradiction after his recent visit to Windsor Park, Martin McGuinness said: "I think we should do everything possible to take the politics out of sport."

He went on: "Talking as a sports fan, it is my very strong view that soccer on the island would be much better served if we had an all-Ireland league and one international team. But that is a matter for the footballing authorities. That's only my opinion as a true sports fan."

If an Ulster nationalist was to call for an Ulster national rugby team, he/she would be roundly condemned as a bigot for bringing politics into sport. You couldn't make it up.

When will Irish nationalists stop living in a state of denial? There are two peoples and two nations on this island.

It's time they stopped living in a late-19th century Gaelic, Catholic time-warp and adopted a mature approach and recognised that the Ulster British exist.



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