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Ulster gets left out of fair deals

Want one of those great car insurance deals you see on TV, or a well priced home cinema deal you see online or sign up to Weight Watchers?

Well, you can’t, because Northern Ireland is excluded.

Try buying Miele products from their website. You can’t because they don’t deliver to Northern Ireland.

They deliver to the Channel Islands though.

Some domestic white goods manufactures will refer Northern Ireland customers to their Irish offices. Lidl, Ticketmaster and Richer Sounds use ‘.ie’ websites for Northern Ireland.

One of the silliest and irrelevant examples to people living in Northern Ireland is the Childline charity’s TV slots for funding that is shown on UTV and Channel 4.

This funding request is for the Irish Childline, not the UK one. Any money donated by anyone living in Northern Ireland responding to that request will go to the Irish version.

This is totally unacceptable when Childline UK covers all of the UK including (surprise, surprise) Northern Ireland. Any local money should go to the UK version.

The prize in UTV’s ‘Watch to Win’ competition recently was two tickets to see the All Ireland GAA Final in Croke Park, Dublin.

This is only of interest to the nationalist section of the community and therefore makes the competition biased.

Imagine the uproar if the tickets had have been for a Northern Ireland football match.

There are too many examples of these matters for it to be coincidence.

I feel that there are subtle and malignant undercurrents occurring to make us all believe we are Irish.

The latest example is the assistance the UK Government announced in reaction to rising domestic fuel costs.

Northern Ireland was excluded from this. When asked, a spokesperson for Downing Street stated that it was a devolved issue for Stormont.

Putting it down to devolution is absolute nonsense as Northern Ireland has an Assembly exactly like Wales.

Wales got it and, therefore, no difference should have been made.



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