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Ulster is the rugby team for 'Norn Iron'

It is with amazement that I write regarding the ill-prepared comments from a person claiming to be a rugby fan and demanding a 'Norn Iron' rugby team (Write Back, September 6).

We have a rugby team from Northern Ireland, it is called Ulster and if this fan attended matches he would see a team supported in a ground full of supporters.

The Irish rugby team is ranked fifth in the world and he suggests that we have a team like the football team, which is currently ranked 27th in the world. That would put us on the map.

The Northern Ireland rugby team could then play, not in the World Cup, but against teams such as Moldova, Hong Kong and Korea.

I'm sure Ulster's rugby stars would be delighted to face these tough matches.

'Rugby Fan' should be cheering Ireland during the World Cup and not whinging about a match played in Belfast.

I suggest that 'Rugby Fan', from Bangor, would be more suited to being a football fan as he is too worried about what happens off the pitch to appreciate what happens on it.

S G E Baillie Newtownabbey

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