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Ulster Scots or Irish won't put food on the table

In the face of the greatest economic crisis to face Northern Ireland for more than 60 years, our gallant and informed members of the Assembly wasted an afternoon debating an Irish Language Act/ strategy.

True to form, DUP and Sinn Fein members squared up to each other across the chamber, each beating their respective drums.

Now, regardless of the merits of either Irish or Ulster Scots, the fact remains that neither will create a single, sustainable job, nor create one penny of real wealth in Northern Ireland.

Undoubtedly, some will make money from these exercises, but if either a language act or a significant strategy for either Ulster Scots or Irish were to be introduced, they would not add to the economic wealth of Northern Ireland. Instead, they would become a greater drain on the public purse.

A simple look south will clarify the point; Irish is not an economic driver for anything in the Republic. Welsh, while an 'industry' in itself, produces nothing.

Ulster Scots and Irish are luxuries and they cannot be afforded. Why should class-sizes grow, or health services be curtailed, while both these minority interests be legislated for and funded?

No politician who wasted their time speaking in this debate deserves to re-elected. In the lives of struggling families on the Falls or Newtownards Road, senseless strategies or ludicrous laws will not provide the necessities of life.


Millisle, Co Down


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