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Ulster Unionist U-turn on Europe shameful betrayal

I have been a lifelong member of the Ulster Unionist Party and for much of that time was a member of the party executive. I simply cannot comprehend the party's decision to support remaining in the European Union and feel it has completely lost touch with its membership and voting base.

Ever since the United Kingdom joined the European Union the party has had a policy of withdrawal.

At meeting after meeting of the party's executive I listened to Jim Nicholson condemning the waste and bureaucracy of the Commission and the Parliament; and yet it now argues for staying in despite the inability of David Cameron to secure any meaningful reform.

Moreover, the Ulster Unionist Party was created to defend and preserve the sovereignty of the UK. This referendum provides a unique opportunity for the UK electorate to restore full sovereignty to our own nation and parliament, yet the UUP is arguing for the continued diminishing of our sovereignty.

The founding fathers of unionism would be horrified and ashamed of such betrayal.

I have backed the UUP through thick and thin, but this decision by the current leadership is a step too far for unionists and I will not support a party, or its candidates, who are voting to remain in the EU.

Shame on Mike Nesbitt and, particularly, Jim Nicholson.


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