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Ulster Unionists have given up on electorate

Last week saw the launch, or rather crash, of the Ulster Unionists' election campaign.

It began with the party declaring that not only had it given up on being the largest party after the Assembly election, but that it also believed Martin McGuinness would be the next First Minister.

In a panic, they actually sought legal advice about joining up with the DUP after the election to stop such a move. Not only had they forgotten to mention this to the DUP, but also to a number of their own members.

The UUP is not a party with any clear strategy, starting last week running in fear of Martin McGuinness as First Minister then, halfway through, changing to being cool with the idea to finally deciding there would be no way SF would be the largest party.

This clearly is a party that not only has given up on the unionist electorate, but given up on itself.


DUP local government candidate, Donaghadee, Co Down


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