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Ulster Unionists have sold out to the Tories

The Ulster Unionist conference - billed as being 'At the heart of the Union' - would have been more accurately described as 'In the pocket of the Tories'.

It is quite clear the UUP have sold their soul to Conservative Central Office in return for financial assistance and political help.

They claim that, by voting for the UUP, people will have a say in shaping future Government policy. What tosh!

Instead of giving people a say in Government, voting UUP would simply mean doing what the Conservatives say, acting like an obedient pooch to its Tory master.

We have been told that the Tories are true unionists and want to treat Northern Ireland as any other part of the UK. This is hard to believe given past and current form.

This is, after all, the party that said Ulster was as British as Finchley - only then to impose the Anglo-Irish Agreement upon us. It was a Tory Government that said it would be sickened to talk to the IRA, while the entire time holding secret talks with the Provos as they murdered and maimed. Now we see the truly sickening position of the Tories, who could form the next government, doing nothing to rectify the monstrosity of mandatory coalition which was created by the Ulster Unionists as part of their failed Belfast Agreement.

Even though the Tories won't treat us like the rest of the UK, I remain confident that the DUP will continue to work to end the monstrosity of mandatory coalition that the Ulster Unionists created as part of their failed Belfast Agreement.




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