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Ulster Unionists’ link with Tories is exciting

In Arlene Foster's article ‘Why the DUP wouldn't merge with the Tories’ (Belfast Telegraph, August 25), she fails to address the issue in the title. Instead we are served a full dose of Arlene's well known opinions — she quotes widely from her former Ulster Unionist colleagues, but doesn't tell us why the DUP won't merge or align with the Tories.

Her only argument, independent action by Northern Ireland MPs, is ludicrous. Ten unionist MPs against Parliament is hardly a reason to stay out of the Cabinet.

Now, most political watchers know the DUP have tried to cuddle up to the Tories recently and they also know the Tories told them to get lost! So the real angst for the modernist DUP members, especially the former Ulster Unionist/DUP members, is that they instinctively know an alliance between the Tories and Ulster Unionists is right.

It is hard to see how any modern political party would want to be linked to the DUP. The DUP's record in government is poor — the continued fiasco of the Maze, four, rather than one, victims’ commissioners, the continued question of double jobbing and the endemic employment of family members by elected members all proves the DUP are untouchable. Northern Ireland politics needs a new, fresh approach and the prospect of the Ulster Unionists aligning formally with the Tories gives us that opportunity.



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