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Ulster Unionists outflanked rivals by walking out

So in response to the re-emergence of the IRA, the DUP believes that the best way to keep the pressure on Sinn Fein is to attack the Ulster Unionist Party.

The DUP's recent statement, while full of fine-sounding words about "peaceful and democratic means", amounts to nothing.

Two weeks after an IRA murder in the Short Strand and one week after the police confirmed IRA involvement, the DUP are still talking about doing something. What exactly, nobody really knows.

How ironic that the IRA murders someone and the DUP attacks unionists. The UUP wants to leave the Executive because of the re-emergence of the IRA, but the DUP accuses them of hypocrisy - and this from a party who entered government with Sinn Fein on the basis that decommissioning was complete and the IRA was gone.

Sure, the UUP went into government with the SDLP and Sinn Fein as a minor partner, but that was 16 years ago.

Meanwhile, the DUP promised the electorate no unreformed terrorists would be in their government. But like their most recent statement, talk is cheap.

Ultimately the DUP are in a mess of their own making. They have turned a blind eye to the realities around them - the Paul Quinn murder, the OTR amnesties, the fuel laundering and now murder. Not only that, but the DUP are outflanked by the UUP and ignored by No 10.

The UUP may not have got everything right - in fact, they might have got a fair bit wrong - but not even in the early days did they hang onto office when it was clear the game was up.


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