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Ulster Unionists so out of touch

Constructive politics is clearly something that the Ulster Unionist Party has abandoned altogether, choosing instead to snipe from the sidelines.

On parades, the new leader of the UUP was one of those to the forefront of the efforts to have the Orange institution reject the proposals that would have seen the Parades Commission abolished. The party put point-scoring ahead of the overall good of the pro-union community.

On Policing and Justice, despite having previously committed to devolve the power in mid-2005 without any commitment from republicans to decommission or support the police, courts and rule of law, the UUP chose opposition from the sidelines over constructive engagement.

On the Budget, despite the fact they urged people to vote for a Conservative government, they opposed the local Budget designed to lessen the impact of the massive cuts imposed by their Tory partners.

It is sad to see that the UUP has lurched violently to the far Right and is incapable of representing mainstream pro-union voters.


Newtownabbey, Co Antrim


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