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Ulster Unionists will implement a Tory Tap Tax

The Ulster Unionists continue to surprise me, even though I should know better by now.

Councillor Ronnie Crawford's letter (Write Back, April 15) suprises me by its inaccuracy.

Mr Crawford wrongly criticises the DUP for cutting the Northern Ireland budget. Well, I've news for Mr Crawford, the £367m which he says was cut from the budget wasn't cut at all. In fact it was reallocated. Obviously he doesn't know what it was reallocated for, so I will tell him. The money was reallocated to defer water charges so ordinary citizens did not have to pay a Tap Tax of £500 a year.

For months now, the Ulster Unionists, controlled by the Tories in London, have criticised the DUP for deferring water charges.

It is becoming increasingly clear that the UUP are set on bringing in a Tap Tax should they ever become the largest party at Stormont.

Paying for water can be done in two ways: either through the block grant, as is being done at present, or, as favoured by the Tory/UUP, by picking the pockets of ordinary people. This is all part of the Tories Triple Whammy:

Firstly , if the Tories win, they will cut public finances here, resulting in poorer public services and thousands of people being made unemployed. Secondly, the Tory/UUP will raise VAT on domestic fuel.

Thirdly, as mentioned, the UUP at Stormont wants to tax us for our water - the Tories will make sure they do this!

The DUP answers to the Ulster people, not to the Tories or Labour party.


Donaghadee, Co Down


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