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Ulster’s proud day ruined by thugs

I just want to say how proud I was to be a spectator at the homecoming parade for the men and women of the Royal Irish in Belfast last Sunday and the fact that it passed off without major incident.

It seemed to be a sign of changing times in Northern Ireland, that was until my mother returned home that same evening in tears and shaking.

She had been on her way back to Belfast from Portaferry after visiting a friend.

As her bus was passing through Kircubbin it came under attack from thugs, throwing bricks and bottles, resulting in all but a few of the windows in the bus being smashed.

She was one of three passengers on the bus, the others being a young girl and a boy. Fortunately my mother managed to escape without any major injury, but not everyone escaped unscathed.

It makes me wonder what these people have to gain by attacking innocent civilians. What amazes me is how these idiots had no regard of who might be on this bus, for all they know it could have been an infant or and elderly person. The ultimate irony is, the reason the bus was attacked, I believe, was because it was coming from a Catholic area. My mother is, in fact, a Protestant. It disgusts me that there are still people like this that are intent on dragging a seemingly improving country back into the dark ages.

Craig McBride


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