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Un-Christian behaviour

I have expressed views on the need for reform and some justice in this country in the letters column of this newspaper.

However, nothing could have prepared me for the reaction I would provoke for daring to criticise the Catholic Church authorities for its attitude to the issue of child abuse investigation.

I have no doubt that there are those who genuinely hold their religious convictions dear to their hearts with absolute sincerity. There are others, however, who would defend their Church at the very gates of hell, irrespective of the facts raining down from the heavens.

This latter category surely sends a shiver down the spine of anyone of their victims, if not down the very spine of history itself.

No rational person resents rational debate, but the naked hate of the religiously obsessed is surely both a shocking indictment of the Catholic Church and, perhaps, our broader community.

It seems such people are disinterested in exploring where genuine fault may lie and have chosen to displace rational inquiry with vile and threatening hatred.

I imagine that such individuals can no longer decipher the terrible irony of claiming to defend their Church with their downright un-Christian behaviour.

Declan Doyle


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