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Under attack for my beliefs

Over the past couple of days I’ve felt that my dearly-held beliefs have been under constant attack. I am beginning to feel quite persecuted.

For example, I believe that it is morally and criminally wrong to take any action which might help prevent a paedophile being brought to justice.

I believe that gay people and women have the same basic human rights as me. I believe faith schools are damaging and divisive and can lead to impressionable children being taught inaccuracies, while sometimes being segregated along racial lines.

I believe you don't have to be a theist to be kind, considerate or charitable.

Moreover, I believe that everyone is born a nontheist, even Joseph Ratzinger, but that something or somebody persuades a proportion of human beings to believe in the existence of a god for whom there is not one shred of supporting evidence.

I believe that those who have not been persuaded should be left alone and not branded aggressive, nor compared to Nazis.

Finally, I would like to know why, if there really is a god, does the Popemobile need bulletproof windows?

Phil Edwards, Godalming, Surrey

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