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Unfair to claim that Alliance is being intolerant

I WAS rather shocked to read your editorial (DebateNI, August 4), which called the Alliance Party intolerant for trampling on personal beliefs on the issue of marriage equality.

Alliance Party policy actually enshrines tolerance for those with a religious faith that is opposed to (as well as those of faith who are supportive of) equal marriage.

Indeed, on the occasions that Sinn Fein forgot to include protections for faith groups in its motion before the Assembly, it was the Alliance Party who moved an amendment to include them.

I find it bizarre to call dictatorial the stance of a party that has, in its democratically decided policy, walked a line between civil law, religious liberty and personal conscience in drawing up its policy on marriage equality.

I also find it bizarre that the Belfast Telegraph ignores that there are some faith groups in Northern Ireland who are in support of equal marriage and took part in the recent marches for marriage equality and Pride.


Executive member LGBT+ Liberal Democrats

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