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‘Ungreen’ Minister at odds with duty to protect environment

I am appalled that our Assembly Minister for the Environment, Sammy Wilson, who in my opinion appears to be side-stepping his duty to protect the environment.

The rich countries of the world are using up its resources and contributing to climate change out of all proportion to their numbers while the majority of the world's population live in poverty, a human rights violation.

The less developed countries will suffer most from climate change and the consequent extreme weather conditions, famines and water shortages.

These advertisements, which the Minister is banning us from seeing, would hopefully have had some effect in making us aware that each one of us can do something to save the world for future generations.

His excuse that it is New Labour propaganda is laughable.

When the Westminster budget announces benefit increases or tax concessions, will he refuse that on the same grounds?

The Alliance Party has long campaigned for an independent Environment Protection Agency, but instead we have a Government department whose responsibilites include Natural and Built Heritage, Environmental Protection, Climate Change and Environmental Crime presided over by a minister who is so ‘ungreen’ that he will not accept that climate change is the greatest threat facing our planet today.

Margaret Marshall


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