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Uninspiring GAA simply a poor relation to soccer

If I may reply to Fred Molloy (Write Back, August 7), he somewhat condescendingly, and you have to say unbelievably, talks of a soccer player being transferred from Manchester United to PSG for an estimated €44m.

The player is the 27-year-old Argentinian Angel Di Maria. Mr Molloy's letter is typical of the staunch, tunnel-vision GAA supporter. I just wonder would he be so complimentary to Fermanagh if the impossible had happened and they had beaten Dublin.

I must be up front and say that, as an Englishman, my first love is soccer, and in particular the Premier League. I am of an age now where other sports can't hold my attention and this sport, Gaelic football, that Mr Molloy obviously loves so dearly, to me is nothing but a mixture of two or three other sports.

Its undefined rules on tackling, especially, and the one-sided nature of most of the fixtures, especially this year, make it a nonsense.

Only very rarely does it throw up a mouth-watering contest, like the anticipated All-Ireland between the Dubs and Kerry. If Mr Molloy's beloved football is such a thrill, why then is it not played in many more countries?

One last thing about the soccer player that went to PSG. I think Mr Molloy might be a small bit out on the price, due to the currency conversion. The €44m is in fact £44m, so it's more like €62m.

Manchester United will lose £15m on the deal, and in what must seem like an absolute abomination to Mr Molloy, the player himself will earn around €11m a year with PSG.


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