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Union protests miss the point on economy

The latest batch of trade union protests in Belfast are divisive, futile and based on a flawed analysis of the economy (News, October 22).

Everyone recognises that it's a difficult time as regards the economy and that people are finding it tough.

However, these protests offer nothing - no hope, no realism, nothing constructive whatsoever - just a dogmatic insistence that, no matter how high the deficit, the solution is to waste more money.

Let's remember that, while joblessness in Northern Ireland is going up, in the rest of the UK the total number of people in work is at its highest level ever.

If we had an Executive which made creating employment its top priority and which understood the conditions companies need to make jobs, Northern Ireland would be performing much, much better.

Out of 250,000 union members, 1,000 people attended the ICTU march in Belfast at the weekend. That says it all.

The unions should concentrate on representing their members properly, rather than denying the deficit and trumpeting a flawed political ideology, which few share.


NI Conservatives

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