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Unionist leadership a charisma-free zone


Bernard J Mullholland (Write Back, May 23) wonders why none of the unionist leaders are standing in the general election. Well, you only have to look the rather dour lot over: Arlene Foster, Robin Swann and Jim Allister - none are really world-class statesmen.

They all lack tact, charm, the necessary oratory skills and charisma to enable them to light up a room.

Moreover, none are old Etonians, old Stoics, or even old Wykehamists.

In short they do not have the right connections to make things happen; they are not quite top drawer (as Mrs Patrick Campbell used to say).

I personally believe that the main reason is that they would really end up rather looking like fish out of water.As Julius Caesar remarked: "I would rather be first in some remote, obscure village than second in Rome."


Hillsborough, Co Down

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