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Unionist parties could learn a lot from Jane Hunter over the nomination of McGuinness for peace prize

letter of the day: history lesson

Jane Hunter's disgust at the suggestion that Martin McGuinness could receive a peace award (News, February 6) was a welcome corrective to the guff which we have had to listen to in recent weeks.

From her own personal and horrific experience, Mrs Hunter can speak much more powerfully than most people about why it is wrong to regard former the Deputy First Minister as a man of peace.

I very much hope that Ian Paisley MP read her comments and reflected upon his own revisionist remarks about McGuinness being a lifesaver.

In reality, were it not for McGuinness's IRA and organisations like it, there would not have been a terrorist campaign in the first place.

The silence of both the DUP and UUP about this award is telling. Both quietly dropped the practice of addressing the republican party by its full and proper title - Sinn Fein/IRA - because it made it easier to justify sharing power with republicans.

It is also worth remembering that not too many years ago, former DUP leader Peter Robinson shared the Glencree Centre for Peace and Reconciliation Award with none other than Martin McGuinness. This was the same Peter Robinson who once branded McGuinness the 'Bogside Butcher'.

Unionists would do well to reflect on these facts when they hear politicians claim that they will resist republican attempts to rewrite history.


TUV Assembly candidate for Lagan Valley

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