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Unionist politicians have failed the Protestant community and need to change attitudes now

letter of the day: Parties' decline

Politicians can dress it up whatever way they like, but the recent election has been a disastrous day for unionism and they are all equally culpable.

The Protestant community, with no tradition of self-help, has been left to run like lemmings to its own destruction. The UUP, like a fading film star, doesn't seem to realise that false teeth and fillers only provide cover for so long, but in the end, you're forced to face the bald truth.

Of course, I have reserved my main criticism for the "New DUP", simply because they are the biggest party. This party is in decline and if they don't act, it could yet prove terminal.

One of the accusations levelled against it is that it has become arrogant. Some people might consider the source and dismiss it with a fair degree of amusement.

More worrying in a very real sense, this has been brooding in the Protestant community for some considerable time. I cite, as one example of this growing frustration within the Protestant community, Upper Bann, where a group led by a faction from within the "New DUP", having been elevated to a position of leadership, is making noises on the future of the Dickson Plan. They are setting themselves on a course that could yet prove disastrous to the Protestant community in Lurgan.

Our unionist politicians have failed us. If the Protestant community is going to survive, we need to drag ourselves up by our boot-straps.


Portadown, Co Armagh

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