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Unionist politicians must start tackling real issues

In the run-up to the election in May, while the public is fixated on the "sham fight" between the UUP and the DUP, more pressing issues peculiar to our community will continue to be ignored. I cite as one example the impact uncontrolled immigration is having on the changing culture of our towns.

Our unionist politicians have embraced political correctness with the reforming zeal of a convert, and that very fine line between truth and a lie has become blurred.

They are so confused that they are not only fooling the electorate, they are fooling themselves and will run a mile from anything remotely controversial. It's not about truth any more, it's about image.

While the bigger picture plays out we are forced to watch "the funnies" as they spend time competing to get their pictures in the paper, pointing at potholes, nursing babies and jumping in puddles like naughty children.

The Protestant community hasn't caught it on, but the DUP died with the Big Man. The new DUP is away with the fairies and the UUP are the fairies; it's a simple case of dumb and dumber.

The challenges of a rapidly changing world are here on our doorstep and we need leaders; it's time they stood up. You will know them when they start to address real issues; issues that are undermining our community.

And spare us the continuing insult of having to turn up and vote for people we neither admire nor respect just to keep other parties out. At this election, once again, we are faced with Hobson's choice - the new DUP, or the Ulster Unionists.

Whomever we vote for won't change anything. The Protestant community, morally and spiritually, is on a downward spiral and we will simply continue the inexorable slide into chaos and a cultural abyss.


Bleary, Co Armagh

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