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Unionist unity cannot mask past mistakes

Am I the only one who watched the recent BBC Spotlight programme on unionist unity to have noticed that only Ulster Unionists or former Ulster Unionists were prepared to appear on camera and call for 'unionist unity'?

Jeffrey Donaldson and Arlene Foster, on behalf of their most recent party, made the call, David McNarry and to a certain extent Sir Reg Empey did likewise, but where were Peter Robinson, Nigel Dodds, or Gregory Campbell?

To me, it comes as no surprise that both Ms Foster and Mr Donaldson are now trying to cobble together some form of unity to hide the disaster that was St Andrews.

Nor is it any surprise that these individuals, in particular, feel some responsibility for the divisions that run deep within unionism today. But calling for false electoral pacts to hide previous mistakes and misjudgements is no way forward.

If Jeffrey Donaldson genuinely wants to see 'unionist unity', then maybe a humble expression of regret for the turmoil he created within unionism would be welcome. Possibly even an admission that at St Andrews, the DUP made a massive mistake, driven by arrogance.

Unionism will only ever be truly united when what comes first is the Union, followed by the electorate and finally the individual.

This has never been the DUP way and until this is restored in our politicians there will be no resurgence of unionism.


Millisle, Co Down


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