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Unionist unity trumps united Ireland ideal

In reply to William Ennis (Write Back, October 12), I want to nail my colours to the mast: I, too, am unionist; be it European, Irish, British and a proud Ulsterman.

I believe the UUP is as relevant today as its council was at the foundation of Northern Ireland.

I also want to give my own view on the concept of unionist unity - the fabled broad UUP church.

I am Left-wing within the UUP and am in the minority. I also do not trust, or like, the DUP.

However, when MPs refuse to sit in the UK parliament, basing their abuse of the democratic process on their ideology of a united Ireland, but have their counterparts sit in the Irish parliament, which recognises partition, then unionist unity must come first.


Lisburn, Co Antrim

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