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Unionist voters will not suffer same fate again

During his most recent, incoherent rant against his former party, Tom Smith once again displayed a complete ignorance of the values, policies and people of the UUP (Write Back, October 29).

Describing the UUP as an "obedient pooch to its Tory masters" is typical. Was it not William Hague at our sell-out party conference last weekend that reiterated that the Conservative Party centrally would not interfere in any devolved matters and praised the work of the UUP ministers for the fine job they are doing in difficult circumstances?

Why do Mr Smith and others prefer to extol the virtues of part -time MPs who have no influence on the issues which are not devolved? His own MP, my colleague Lady Hermon, is a shining example of a full-time, single-job MP who does a fantastic job.

It is his attack on mandatory coalition which opens him up to the most ridicule. Was it not his party that said they would never operate this system under any circumstances? Whilst the unionist electorate may have been DUPed before, there is no evidence, despite his regular rants. that they are about to suffer that same fate again.


Ulster Unionist trade and tourism spokesperson


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