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Unionists are no longer the rulers over nationalists

The public howls of outrage by unionists at the killing of Kevin McGuigan is by any standards fraudulent.

The ruling by the executive of the Ulster Unionist Party to endorse the recommendation of leader Mike Nesbitt to withdraw its sole minister, Danny Kennedy, from the Executive on the basis that trust in Sinn Fein was broken by the alleged involvement of IRA members in the killing of Mr McGuigan is a cynical exploitation of this murder and an incorrigible attack on democracy.

There is simply no evidence to link Sinn Fein with the murder, but what is at the core of this contrived drama is the evidence suggesting SF may well be positioned to become the largest party on both sides of the border.

The UUP, which governed NI between 1921 and 1972, had no objections to remaining in office courtesy of a built-in artificial majority, a guaranteed blank cheque from London, unionist control of housing and jobs, and a British Government turning a blind eye to a gerrymandered state.

Agreeing to power-share with those they once dominated must be a cultural shock of immense proportions to unionists. The once-powerful single-dimensional unionist political monolith must give way to a mutual citizenship with nationalists, as mandated in the Belfast Agreement.



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