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Unionists blind to bona fide Irish majority

Owen Polley (March 8) stated: "The constitutional preference of a clear [Protestant] majority here remains membership of the United Kingdom."

A consequence of this is that 'minority' Irish people here are unlawfully prevented from exercising their fundamental right to national self-determination.

Unionists believe in 'maintaining the UK's integrity' regardless of Ireland's integrity.

In political terms, they are anti-Ireland/anti-Irish. In religious terms, they are Protestant/anti-Rome.

Owen stated that Tory unionism "must be blind to the differences of culture and religion" here.

It must also be blind to the difference between a bona fide national majority and a "clear majority" in a concocted political religious enclave dressed up with all the trappings as (to quote David Trimble) "the constitutional entity known as Northern Ireland".




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