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Unionists don't need a group of Tory clones

Paula Bradshaw, the Conservative candidate for South Belfast, seems to confirm (Write Back, March 26) that the Tories are preparing for premature, drastic measures which are sure to cause unemployment to rise throughout the UK at a time when economic recovery is extremely fragile.

She seems enthusiastic about Northern Ireland "playing its role in this as part of the UK".

We know very well what to expect from a Tory government, should Cameron win a working majority.

They will betray us politically and bring us to our knees economically, as they have done in the past.

In the case of Ms Bradshaw, let us at least hope that the first jobs to go will be in the unproductive quango sector.

Northern Ireland's best hope is a strong group of DUP representatives in a closely contested House of Commons.

In that way, unionists can bargain from a strong position for the benefit of our people.

The last thing we need is a group of compliant Tory clones.