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Unionists must stand united or they will fall

I, LIKE the majority of unionist voters, want to see closer co-operation between the two main unionist parties in the forthcoming election.

While there will be disagreement between elections, people appreciate the need for pro-unionist co-operation in circumstances when failing to do so hands seats to nationalists. The 2005 General Election provided a salutary lesson in just that.

The failure of the UUP to take up the DUP's offer of co-operation in 2005 meant two seats that should be in unionist hands were lost to those who wish to see the destruction of the union. In the event of a hung parliament an additional two Commons' votes for the Union could have a big impact for Northern Ireland - especially if those votes belong to people able to be an independent voice, rather than be tied to the whip of either of Westminster's largest two parties. Not for nothing did out forebears say: united we stand, divided we fall.


MLA for East Antrim


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