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Unionists must take the lead at Stormont


Unionism is not tied into Sinn Fein dogma, so put an end to unionism being punished for the unworkable process politics of republicans. Wake up unionism and be creative! Think outside the box, demand a voluntary system of executive government.

Meantime, initiate ad hoc committee meetings and invite along participants of your choosing to join in. Set up scrutiny briefings with the permanent secretaries who are taking decisions; organise meetings with the statutory bodies and facilitate discussions with those in the boilerhouse of health, education, business and commerce, in fact with everyone who matters. Listen to them and then decide can the country afford to do without a government?

After all you have been elected to Stormont, so demonstrate leadership. Take back at least some semblance of devolution and secure credibility for unionism.

David McNarry

Former MLA

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