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Unionists need to admit part in causing Troubles

Much has been made by unionist politicians of Sinn Fein's culpability in not admitting that the IRA still exists and it is being asked to confess to misleading the Assembly in this regard.

Wouldn't it be refreshing for any unionist to admit some responsibility for creating the environment in which the Troubles erupted?

Growing up in a Protestant background, I was aware of the unfairness with which the Catholic/nationalist people were treated by the ruling unionist Government. Access to employment, housing and education was limited compared to Protestants.

Never once have I heard a unionist politician, clergy, or anyone from our community admit that, had the system been fair, the Troubles would probably not have happened.

So, here is my challenge to Messrs Robinson, Nesbitt and Allister: state publicly that the previous unionist administrations played a large part in laying the ground for the Troubles and then, maybe, we can move on.


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