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Unionists need to be wary of splitting vote

AFTER reading about Peter Robinson's speech at his spring conference (News, April 14), I drew some conclusions on the current state of unionism. Apart from the mark on the ballot paper, I do not affiliate myself with any political party, but I am a unionist through and through.

I felt Mr Robinson made a solid point when he told his party's delegates that unionists are splitting over "points of detail, rather than matters of substance".

It is important that unionists do not waste their vote by supporting small splinter parties. These groups have been built on petty fall-outs, bitterness and the desire for certain politicians to boost their egos. Unionists must be sensible when entering the polling booth. Unionism needs a single, strong voice in opposing the two nationalist/republican parties.

Smaller parties may have some genuine grievances, but they are not going to advance the unionist cause.

It would be great if unionists could unite and build a stronger unionist party that works together to strengthen Northern Ireland and disrupt any united Ireland agenda.


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