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Unionists should join Brexit negotiations

Generally, I leave politics to the politicians, but with the temporary suspension of the Assembly, I was a bit perplexed by the refusal of unionists to accept the recent invite to discuss the implications of Brexit in Dublin.

As a country, Northern Ireland needs to look both south and east.

While the main parties shouldn't be making unreasonable demands from each other, I believe it would be the wishes of the majority of the people to get involved in these negotiations.

Failure to do so is not in the spirit of the coalition and I think is unfair to nationalists.

I think the biggest lessons from the last century are to beware charismatic leaders and spiritual crusades.

After all, a siege mentality can lead to isolation and paranoia.

The implications of Brexit for Northern Ireland unionists are seismic changes to both their thinking and strategy.

The Union itself is not certain, and to be helping facilitate trading discussions between Ireland and England is in the best interests of everyone.


Whitehaven, Cumbria

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