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Unionists to stop SF First Minister

Here's a novel idea, don't vote for any of the big parties, vote for your local independent candidate and show these people that you are tired of mainstream politics.

Making these people unemployed is the only language they understand.


As a unionist, this nonsense disgusts me. To me it is undemocratic and shows what a bunch of idiots we have running our country. Firstly, everyone knows that First and Deputy are equal, so who cares who is First and who is Deputy.

Secondly, if the agreement states that the largest party vote takes the mantle of First Minister and if that happens to be Sinn Fein, then that is democracy. Can no-one see the mess these guys are making of running the country?

If the people of Northern Ireland want mature politics, then we have to vote maturely ourselves, not tribally, as most of us tend to.


Remember a few months ago Peter Robinson said when asked about Martin McGuinness as First Minister that it "will not be the kernel of the campaign". Did anyone actually believe him?


The fact that the UUP and DUP parties felt the need to take "legal advice" to see if they could get away with Mr Elliot's modernised gerrymandering speaks for itself.

Since the positions are essentially equal, instead of having a First and Deputy First Minister, why not just have a unionist First Minister and a nationalist First Minister? With that out of the way maybe a real political party would eventually emerge to represent the growing non-sectarian population.


Surely a compromise is required here - let us fly in three arbitrators for a month at taxpayers' expense. Say, Bill Clinton, David Cameron and Enda Kenny set up a tribunal to report within one month. This issue could have serious implications for the sanity of the voters - not to mention the reputation of Northern Ireland and Europe.

I am sure the three wise men above could come up with a just solution. Monday - Peter is FM, Martin is DFM, Tuesday - Martin is FM, Peter is DFM and so on and so forth. The agreement could be signed of by President Obama, Queen Elizabeth and President McAleese. What say you?


For the moment it would seem NI has the politics it deserves. I am not convinced anything like a majority here have put the past behind them.



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