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Unionists won't stop republicans honouring dead

IT is clear that unionists who have been demanding the right for unwanted loyal order marches to be allowed through nationalist areas are now campaigning to stop all republican marches through nationalist areas.

Their opposition to the planned hunger strike commemoration in Derrylin on August 3 is based on victims of the IRA being retraumatised, yet the only person killed in Derrylin village was a republican at the hands of unionists.

In Derry there are regular unionist commemorations to the British Army less than 250 yards from the site where 14 men were murdered by the same British Army on Bloody Sunday.

I have yet to hear one unionist politician demand that these commemorations not take place.

Similar British Army commemorations take place right across the north, yet unionists have never raised any objections, or the plight of victims.

Republicans and nationalists have also recognised the right of the unionist community to respect their dead.

So, it is clear that unionists either don't recognise victims from the nationalist community as equal to victims from the unionist community, or that they believe that they can turn the clock back and ban all republican parades.

Those days are gone and not coming back, so unionism needs to realise that republicans will continue to remember our patriot dead in the respectful and dignified way we always have.



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