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Unite the people first, Ireland will then unite itself

SIXTY years ago, when Jeremy Corbyn was in short trousers, I, too, was a firebrand socialist and at that time I even had contacts with friends in Moscow.

The socialist ideology I held was the demand for employment and a better living wage, along with a peaceful, progressive society. Now, Jeremy, you say one of your priorities is to tackle the present, ongoing change to the welfare benefit system.

I say to you: a proper socialist does not ask another taxpayer to subsidise with their hard-earned money some drunken, obese, smoke or other drug-addicted imbecile who is a burden on the best health service in the world.

As for your close association with Gerry Adams and his cohorts, contrary to what you and your pal John McDonnell believe, that the problem in Ireland is British occupation, that is codswallop. The IRA's obsession with a hatred of Britain and its people is the problem. The people of Northern Ireland do not consider themselves of be occupied, including the majority of its nationalist-minded populace.

In the 1920s Northern Ireland and the south legally went their separate ways. If you and John McDonnell wish to have Ireland united, then I suggest you convince Mr Adams that he needs to unite the people first - and, when they do that, the country will unite itself.


Kircubbin, Co Down

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