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Unite to fight all Stormont's cuts

INCREDIBLY, the Executive continues to push the propaganda that our health service has been ring-fenced. Sinn Fein MLA and chair of the health committee Maeve McLaughlin has declared there are no cuts in health.

Maeve and her Stormont colleagues have conveniently forgotten the £492m of cuts since 2011. This siphoning-off of millions of public money has resulted in the current crisis in acute services. And this is only the start.

The Assembly's budget and the Stormont House Agreement will enforce a deficit of £80m in health. This is on top of all health trusts being told to slash their budgets by £30m-£60m by April. That's a further £150m-£300m.

The trade union movement is beginning to move into action, declaring March 13 for a public-sector 24-hour strike in defence of public services.

Only through building mass, united and non-sectarian opposition to all cuts can we defeat Stormont's austerity agenda.


Socialist Party

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