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United approach to crisis is needed

The death of Aylan Kurdi moved the world - and so it should.

We all see the face of our own child in that moving picture and feel the horror and despair of the father.

But rather than a kneejerk reaction to the plight of the refugees, governments should go straight to the root of the problem and plan a long-term strategy.

Using Europe as an ongoing safety net for governments that have reneged on their own responsibilities and have effectively turned their backs on their own people will worsen the situation, not resolve it.

Most refugees want to stay in their own country, provided it's safe to do so, and the Arab governments have a huge responsibility to ensure that they work in order to achieve stability in the region.

Flooding Europe with more refugees whose culture, religion and language are not an easy fit will only cause more turmoil.

Europe and the US should redouble their efforts to eradicate Isis - and the Arab states themselves, who incidentally are some of the richest countries in the world, should work to overthrow the corrupt Syrian regime, which will allow the Syrian people to thrive in their own country.


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