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United Ireland? You cannot be serious, Ritchie

Has Margaret Ritchie no concept of the dire state the Republic of Ireland is in? Does she not realise they are on the bones of their proverbial rear-end when she states that she and her party have made their number one priority the unification of Ireland?

As John McEnroe would say: "You can't be serious." Unification of Ireland would drag Northern Ireland into the abyss of poverty - it certainly wouldn't enhance our standard of living.

She also said she wants to prevent any job reduction in the civil service. Why? They should have to bear the hardship private sector workers, the unemployed and their families and old-age pensioners are suffering. Or is she just trying to keep the cosy clique in the Assembly intact?

We are obscenely over-governed by a large surplus of MLAs and thumb-twiddlers in their offices who contribute nothing to the economy of Northern Ireland - absolutely nothing.




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