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Universities are aiming higher

When filling in my UCAS form a couple of years ago, I made sure that I applied to a spread of universities, despite being a “straight A” sixth former.

While I received an offer from my top choice, I did not think myself automatically entitled to it, even though I had worked hard to achieve my A-level results. Iwould have been happy with any of my five offers.

Not every prospective student can get into their top choice and although this may be disappointing, for the universities lower down the league tables it is a clear bonus that they can hope to attract better candidates and thereby improve their standing.

The annual media stories about perfect candidates who fail to secure an offer do a disservice to the many excellent universities across the UK which are frequently dismissed as “less competitive”. I would encourage the coming year’s applicants to apply to a spread of universities, not because they have to “aim lower”, but because universities across Britain are aiming higher.

Edmund Woodfield,

Tunbridge Wells, Kent

Belfast Telegraph