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Unwarranted attack on our pro-life group

Fionola Meredith used her column (Comment, August 3) to make unsubstantiated and false allegations about pro-life group Precious Life.

Fionola referred to an incident where a female member of Precious Life was attacked and pushed to the ground outside the Family Planning Association (FPA) offices in Belfast city centre.

She said: "Now, I have no further details of what happened on this particular occasion." As a journalist, why, then, did Fionola not take the time to find out further details before writing?

Instead, she simply ignored the fact that a woman was attacked and pushed to the ground and used it as a launching pad for a tirade against Precious Life.

Fionola referred to Precious Life using "ghastly photographs" and "foul images of aborted foetuses". At least Fionola is inadvertently acknowledging that abortion is foul and ghastly. It's reality that these photos and images portray - a baby killed by abortion. It is indeed foul and ghastly. Precious Life does not "stage daily protests outside the FPA", as Fionola stated. Precious Life hold daily prayer vigils outside the building where the FPA have their office. One of our volunteers will also hand out pro-life information leaflets to people going in or out of the building. We also hand out leaflets to people passing by in the street.

Does Fionola think handing out leaflets is "harassment" and "outrageous behaviour"? If she walks through Belfast city centre any afternoon, she will be handed leaflets or approached by people with surveys, petitions and charity appeals. Does Fionola feel harassed or outraged by this behaviour? Or is her outrage only directed at pro-life leaflets?

Fionola's use of words like "reprehensible", "extreme" and "outrageous" to describe Precious Life only goes to show she is out to promote her pro-abortion agenda.


Director, Precious Life


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