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Urge your local MLA to back anti-hunting bill

The Green Party's MLA in Northern Ireland, Brian Wilson, is bringing a bill before the Assembly on December 15 to extend the law to Northern Ireland banning the hunting of wild mammals - particularly foxes - with dogs.

This law is already in place in England, Scotland and Wales. I urge all MLAs to support this Bill as this is a barbaric and abhorrent practice that causes unnecessary suffering to foxes and other wild animals.

I was shocked to discover that this law did not extend to Northern Ireland and I commend the Green Party and Mr Wilson for fighting to get this law on the statute books.

While such cruelty for the entertainment of human beings is not discouraged by the judicial system, it diminishes the humanity and compassion of our whole society.

It is time to move into the 21st century and end hunting foxes with dogs.

If any readers want to see this law brought in, I would strongly suggest that they contact their MLA today and let them know their views and insist that they back this bill next Wednesday.

We simply cannot tolerate this type of cruelty in our society.


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