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US aggression, not the North Korean nuclear bogeyman, is dragging us towards another war

Letter of the day: bomb fears

We're meant to be consumed with fear and anxiety over a failed North Korean missile test. This is at the same time as the US dropped "the mother of all bombs" in Afghanistan on real people.

This was not a test. This was a real bomb developed by rational scientists with families and subscriptions to Reader's Digest, who drop the kids off at school in the mornings. This is what we should fear. It's the normalisation of war. It's the blase-isation of terror on other peoples.

The New York Times hypothesises that the bomb could "signal deterrence" to countries like Syria and North Korea. There was no outrage to accompany this escalation in violence against a defenceless country the US has been bombing for nearly 16 years now.

Nato's missile defence system, which is now operational in Europe, was apparently installed to counter the Iranian threat. Russian President Vladimir Putin, at the International Economic Forum on June 17, 2016, explained that, with advances in missile technology facilitating ever increasing missile ranges, these missiles will soon be able to threaten Russia.

Iran isn't a threat to anyone. The last war Iran fought was against a US-backed Iraq which invaded Iran. The US, meanwhile, admits that the mother of all bombs was dropped to take out a tunnel complex the US helped to build during the Soviet occupation.

Putin reiterates the "impending danger" endemic to these events. He says: "How do you not understand that the world is being pulled in an irreversible direction?" How indeed.

Pinpointing the 'by whom' is important, too.


Hillsborough, Co Down

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