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US drones are killing many civilians

All the evidence suggests that innocent bystanders are killed and injured often in US drone attacks, not occasionally.

The evidence is contained in a report compiled by Shahzad Akbar, who is the director of the Foundation for Fundamental Rights and the British human rights charity Reprieve.

When we're told that 16 militants have been killed in a drone strike, it usually turns out that, for example, four of these militants were children and seven were women.

US officials are not on the ground immediately after such strikes to assess whether or not militants have been killed.

However, the Pakistan and Afghan authorities, who deal with the aftermath of these drone bombings, report time and time again that women and children are predominantly the victims - accounting for approximately 90% of the fatalities and injured.

And, of course, the assumption is that the men who die in these drone bombings are all militants, which is a ridiculous presumption for anyone to make.


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Hillsborough, Co Down

Report: One in fifty US drone attack victims in Pakistan are known militants

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