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US election shows again that so-called pundits and experts need to get out and meet real people

On the evening of November 8 at 6.30pm, I left home and did not return until approximately 11.40pm. I decided to check what was happening in the presidential election and viewed the anchor personnel and media persons, the pundits and psephologists happily rattling on that Hillary was on the road to the White House; her chances of success were put at 95%. The Donald was practically down and out.

I changed channels from BBC to ITV to Sky, being each time met with happy, smiling faces and I eventually went to bed at just after 1am.

I woke at 4.15am and decided to check if Hillary had romped home yet and, when I turned on the TV, I assumed some serious calamity had taken place, as they were no longer smiling and many faces were like Lurgan spades. As Corporal Jones in Dad's Army used to say: "They don't like it up them."

The American electorate had done the dirt on the experts and they were beyond themselves as to how and why did the foolish electorate not comply with their views. They harped on about the farmers and blue collar workers supporting Trump, with the insinuation no one of senior management level would be foolish enough to vote for Trump.

I found this attitude interesting as, a few years ago, I had lunch with some people from Michigan, who held senior positions in a leading US company, and they detested the Clintons.

Perhaps these commentators will learn the lessons of Brexit and Trump and leave their technology and get off their backsides and meet real people.

Oh, by the way: the local commentators also swallowed the Clinton propaganda. I, however, was delighted with the result.


Ballymena, Co Antrim

Trump's victory shows democracy is still alive

The momentous news that Donald J Trump will be the 45th President of the United States of America came as no great surprise to me; it follows on from our own momentous decision to leave the European Union against all the opinion polls and political pundits reporting that it would never happen.

There is a groundswell of feeling and loss of trust in career politicians, with a quiet majority sweeping the world that want change and are no longer happy to accept the word of politicians with their noses in the trough.

Calls such as "drain the swamp", or "take back control", have been taken to heart by many people. Voters are sometimes portrayed as not knowing what they voted for, or not that bothered.

This could not be further from the truth.

Both these outcomes have shown that democracy is still alive and well; voters know what is best for themselves and their country. They have not been swayed by incorrect media reports and biased news stories.

People do think for themselves, contrary to what so-called "political experts" would have us believe.


Castlederg, Co Tyrone

US election highlights hatred for minorities

I am a Muslim and I am afraid. I am petrified. Why? Because Donald Trump's election to the US presidency is a clear demonstration that America's "silent majority" hates Muslims. It hates Mexicans. It hates minorities.

And this majority is silent no more. It has spoken. In heeding Trump's promise to "reclaim our country's destiny", America's majority has bellowingly declared that Muslims share no part in that destiny.

In mere hours, we saw America drastically proclaim itself as a nationalist, populist regime that no longer has space for Muslims.

But trust me: I believe Donald Trump when he proclaims that he "will be president for all Americans." I just don't believe that he and his now outspoken majority regard Muslim Americans like myself as true Americans.

So, now what? Will Trump actually ban Muslims from entering America? Will he place restrictions on the Muslims already living in America?

If so, I can only reiterate the message of the Caliph and world head of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, His Holiness Hazrat Mirza Masroor Ahmad, in his one-on-one interview with Canada's Peter Mansbridge: the world will teeter towards World War Three and it will drown in catastrophic destruction.


Missionary Ahmadiyya Muslim Community

Charities say thanks for street collections

BRIGHT EYES ANIMAL SANCTUARY: Lisburn (Oct 1) £825.38.


THE MISSION TO SEAFARERS NI: Portadown (Sept 10) £432.57: Newtownards (Sept 23) £342.46.


DERRY SAMARITANS: Derry/Londonderry (July 21, 22) £2,150.52.


BELFAST SAMARITANS: Belfast (October 29) £1075.88.


BRINGING HOPE: Hillsborough (Aug 13) £340.00.


DUP more like a sitcom than a political party

In Writeback's Letter of the Day, headlined 'Double Standards' (November 9), Wes Holmes hit the nail on the head re the DUP perceiving the Ashers case as an assault on freedom of conscience, while seeing no contradiction in denying the freedom of others with their cynical use of a petition of concern to block majority support at Stormont for gay marriage.

The DUP's flagrant abuse of both petitions of concern and the royal prerogative and its ill-disguised disdain for Opposition politicians are more reminiscent of Nellie Boswell and her dysfunctional family in the comedy Bread (with a Baldrick and Del Boy or two added) than any serious political party's attempt to govern Northern Ireland in the best interests of all its people.

The DUP in its present guise is to democracy what the biblical King Herod was to male child protection. It is to equality what the Confederate states were to freedom from slavery. And it is to fairness, decency and respect for all our citizens what Irish landlordism was to tenants' rights.

Maybe Nellie and her acolytes should take note of the way their shenanigans at Stormont have reduced the image of the Executive and the Assembly to that of an old-time and utterly futile faction-fight.


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